Motivate China

Barbara Wang, Motivate China Staff

Barbara Wang
Managing Director

Barbara enjoys traveling around with her 4-year-old daughter; their next goal is to travel to Africa for a safari.

YY Yang, Motivate China Staff

YY Yang
Operations Director

YY loves red wine and strongly believes it is good for health. He also enjoys cooking and talks a lot about his skills to colleagues!

Li River in Guangxi Province
Catching Fish Using Birds, Li River in Guangxi Province

A Destination for World Travelers

China is much more than a manufacturing powerhouse. In the last decade, the world’s fastest growing economy has steadily made the transition from an export-oriented economy to a service provider and destination for world travelers.

China’s Major Cities Host the Best in Leisure and Business Travel
The country’s major cities are fully capable of hosting the very best in both leisure and business travel. Every major luxury hotel chain in the world is expanding across China. Places like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are being joined by emerging hubs like Sanya, Xian, Chengdu and Kunming in the capacity for world-class business travel services.

Rapid Growth Provides Lucrative Opportunities
The delicious cuisine, fine wines and friendly people combine for high quality tourist services, whether for a weekend or for a longer holiday.

Well Situated
The emergence of a sophisticated domestic middle and upper class bodes well for global firms working with or inside of China. The more global China becomes, the better the environment becomes for all manner of business, travel and leisure activities. The demand for international standards in business travel and services is being pushed from within, from growing domestic firms eager to experience, offer and share in the very best.

Beijing-Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China
Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China
Beijing Great Wall
Great Wall, Beijing, China
Xi'an- Terracotta Army
Xi'an Terracotta Army