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Janez Maček of DT Slovenia

Janez Maček

He is a creative soul who likes to relax on a good fishing excursion and by making wine.

Taja Maček, DT Slovenia

Taja Maček

Her love and passion for contemporary creativity is what creates unique experiences for DT Slovenia guests.

Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia DMC

Captivating Variety

Exploring Slovenia, you will be captivated by how much diversity can be found within its small area. Located on the crossroads of Europe, it is a country layered with a variety of influences. The more you explore, the more hidden gems you will unlock.

Natural Wonders
Nature is a big part of the Slovenian lifestyle. Here you will enjoy lush green forests, the mighty Alps, crystal clean rivers, preserved underground caves and a sparkling coastline. There is a destination to suit every explorer’s passion.

Culinary Experiences
While discovering the rich culinary heritage, diverse flavors will be brought to life. Enhance your events with a unique farm-to-table experience. Learn how the main crops are cultivated, and sample them immediately afterwards at a gourmet luncheon or dinner held at innovative locations.

Warm Hospitality
The warm Slovenian hospitality towards all visitors will leave an imprint on your heart – their sincere welcome will last forever. Once you visit a homestead or meet with your local agent, you almost become family.

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