Wedgewood Britain – Wales

DMC Wedgewood Britain – Jerry Allanson

Jerry Allanson
Executive General Manager

(Jerry’s the one on the left! …with Baron his Newfoundland). Enjoys a challenge and once hitch-hiked 850 miles from Germany to Southern France.

DMC Wedgewood Britain – Vanessa Lewisohn

Vanessa Lewisohn
Director of Operations


The Queen of multi-tasking! Already a fluent French-speaker Vanessa is learning Italian while she cycles to work.

Margarita Franz
Senior Project Manager & Team Leader

Margarita’s secret to unwinding at the end of a long working day: Salsa! London has some great salsa clubs and Margarita has been dancing in most of them.

Wales DMC in Snowdonia

WALES …A country brimming with history and dramatic landscapes

Although part of the United Kingdom, Wales has very much retained its own identity, character and even language! In certain regions, the Welsh language is still very much in use.

Dramatic landscapes
Wales is best known for its hills and valleys, the stunning beauty of Snowdonia and other national parks and its impressive coastline. To enhance this scenery, it offers a broad range of outdoor pursuits, including the longest zip-line in Europe which is the fastest in the world! This experience combines panoramic mountain views with a serious adrenalin-kick.

Castles tell the story
At times brutal and harsh, the history of Wales can be evidenced in its fortifications. The country boasts more castles per square mile than any other country in the world. In the capital city, Cardiff, the castle is very much a focal point and makes a fantastic location for a VIP dinner.

Traditions shared through music
Born from the coal-mining communities in the valleys, and thankfully continuing today traditional Welsh Male Voice Choirs express the passions of a nation. A performance, within the private setting of a castle or manor-house, makes an incredibly rousing and moving finale to any event.

Passionate about sports
The Welsh are passionate about their national sport of rugby. Wales co-hosted the Rugby World Cup with England in 2015, accommodating thousands of sports fans from around the world. Wedgewood Britain operated diverse programs for groups of between 20 to 800 during this major event. Wales also boasts some world-class golf, having hosted the Ryder Cup in 2010.

cardiff mermaid quay in wales
cardiff castle wales
Cardiff castle – rugby signage