Island Style Innovations – Hawaii

Colleen Reyes, Hawaii/Island Style Innovations

Colleen Reyes

Loves sporting events! She and her husband have been to six summer Olympics: Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London and Rio. Tokyo 2020 here they come!

Tatiana von Oelhoffen, Partner/Island Style Innovations

Tatiana von Oelhoffen

Her house consists of a mom (her), grandma (Pat), two kids (Brendan and Haylee), one big dog (Po’ele), one medium dog (Li’a), one cat (Bella), and a bird (Sweetie)! It can be quite a zoo at times, but it is her zoo!

DMC Spotlight on Hawaii

Top Destination

Known for incredible beaches, lush tropical forests, and picturesque coastlines, Hawai‘i continues to rank among the top dream destinations for travelers from all around the world.

Distinctively Unique
Home to eight major islands, each with its own distinct topography, personality, and adventures, Hawaii is a unique location like no place else on earth. Five of the islands are the main hub for visitors, with world class resort accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and a multitude of air, land, sea, and cultural activity options. Nicknamed “The Aloha State” visitors experience the highest levels of hospitality where everyone is made to feel at home, and lifelong relationships are quickly formed.

Cultural Crossroads
As a cultural crossroads, Hawai‘i’s history is one of diversity and ethnic ambiguity. People from around the globe made the Hawaiian Islands their home, each sharing their own traditions and unique cultures. Hawai‘i has grown into a melting pot of many origins including Polynesian, Asian, Latin, and European backgrounds.

Tapestry of Culinary Delights
With a bounty of locally grown fruits and vegetables, lush upland cattle farms, and fresh island fish from the warm Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian cuisine is a colorful tapestry of culinary delights. From food trucks and street vendors, to renowned fine dining establishments, visitors will find ‘ono’ (delicious) treats around every corner.

Let Us Entertain You
The state is also home to many award-winning entertainers from local Hawaiian talent and Grammy nominated rockers, to traditional Hula dancers. This ancient Hawaiian dance is performed throughout the islands by solo dancers upon your arrival and at the many extravagant luau productions.

Checking All the Boxes
For many, Hawai‘i checks all of the boxes in one amazing destination – exotic, safe, modern, accessible – all with fabulous year-round weather.