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Kumar Gupta
Asst. Manager of Incentives Ideation


Kumar is passionate about healthy living and eating. His hallmarks are his positive attitude, eagerness to learn and dedication to his work.

Rajeev Kohli, India Creative Travel DMC

Rajeev Kohli
Joint Managing Director


Rajeev is known across the industry and by friends as being fanatical about ice cream. No matter where he is, or how cold it may be, nothing makes him happier than an ice cream cone.

Maldives DMC Destination

A picture – perfect paradise

Sun-kissed beaches with rolling white sands and clear cyan waters, Maldives is a picture-perfect paradise, floating across its 1200 islands on the Indian Ocean.

Luxurious accommodations
Known for its luxurious resorts and villas, the intimacy, exclusivity and serenity offered by this island destination are unrivalled. From water villas to personal butlers, the sheer extravagance of Maldives is a joy to experience if you are staying at one of its over 100 island resorts

Immerse yourself in island life
For less decadent options, Maldives also offers guesthouses for an experience which you will be more immersed in island life and culture. /p>

Unforgettable marine life
And of course, there is the unforgettable marine life of the region, with some of the best snorkeling and diving anywhere in the world!

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