Platinum DMC Collection is the North American sales office for the world’s leading international and off-shore DMCs.

Platinum DMCs


With a solid track-record of many years, all Platinum DMCs also have significant, if not primary, experience dealing with North American clients. They understand you. References are available at any time.


Platinum DMCs intimately know their destinations and what elements will make your unique program a smashing success, utilizing the most reputable local partners.


Our DMCs understand that you need information quickly. Your Platinum contact is your local partner to ensure that you receive timely communication, from program development through operation.


Nothing is cookie-cutter with a Platinum DMC. After understanding your expectations and needs, a bespoke proposal is developed that is unique and tailored to you.


In our world, everything revolves around trust. You can be confident that Platinum and all Platinum DMCs will be your trusted, transparent, and honest partner in creating programs that are exceptional and memorable.


Platinum signifies the best of the best. And, that’s why we chose the name Platinum DMC Collection. We are only interested in the best DMCs. Good isn’t good enough for us.