Faus DMC – Chile

Nuria Faus DMC

Nuria Faus

An avid bridge player, strategy is her forte. The happiness of her grandchildren is one of her primary goals.

Bettina Mazzitelli, Faus DMC

Bettina Mazzitelli
Vice President, Operations

She enjoys being in the outdoors and going for nice walks and having fun experiences with her two kids.

Noelia Benue

Noelia Benue
Marketing Director

She considers herself a “foodie” and likes to cook for friends and to explore new destinations.

DMC Argentina, Patagonia

A Land of Contrasts
Chile is a land of contrasts. The north features a dry inland desert, as opposed to the subtropical weather along the coastline. The central region stands out for its mild climate and fertile valleys, where vineyards alternate with fruit tree plantations. The large native and pristine forests appear in the south, thriving in the humid and cold weather. In the southernmost region, the mountain range submerges into the ocean and forms innumerable channels and fjords. It is a wild, unexplored place. The plains shaped by the southern winds in the Chilean Patagonia and Antarctica territory reach to the end of the world.

There are 15 unique destinations within Chile. Chile has the potential to make possible the impossible; from large cities that have the facilities to host thousands of delegates, to idyllic spots to host events in the country’s pristine natural spaces.

Chile is surprisingly accessible, with direct flights from many major North American cities. Once in Chile, it’s easy to explore the various parts of the country or to pair with a neighboring country, such as Argentina. Chile has so much to offer, including 2,500 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline. From the modern city of Santiago to the wine region and from Patagonia to the Moai statues of the Easter Islands, Chile has a plethora of exciting MICE-related experiences with the perfect balance of deluxe services and countryside adventures.

Chile is a modern country with some of the best infrastructure in Latin America. Luxury hotels, boutique properties, convention facilities, fine dining and exiting excursions are just some of the facilities available for large or small incentive programs, events, conferences, and all types of group travel. Chile is considered the best country in Latin America to start a new business. Thanks to its government programs, Chile has become one of the largest and most diverse start-up countries in the world.

Several fertile valleys are located between the mountains and the sea. This privilege results in the perfect setting for growing grapes that give life to some of the best wines in the world.

Heaven on Earth
In Chilean legend, it is said that when God finished creating earth, he walked back across the heavens with a little of everything that was left over; mountains, deserts, lakes, glaciers, volcanoes, and valleys. They trickled out through a hole in his pocket, and Chile was born.

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