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Betsabe Gomez, Swiss Travel

Betsabé Gómez
Groups & Incentives Coordinator

She enjoys attending church, loves to read and spend time with her family.

Laura Carmona, Swiss Travel

Laura Carmona
Incentives & Meetings Coordinator

She loves reading, planting, running, yoga, traveling and spending time with her beloved pets.

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Happiest Country in the World

For Costa Rica, a mere 19,730 square miles are enough. The Costa Rican paradise is characterized by its abundant biodiversity, varied geography, culture, cuisine, music and especially its people. With 196 years of independence, one of Latin America’s most stable democracies has become the happiest country in the world.

Flora & Fauna
Costa Rica takes up only 0.03% of the world’s land area yet it possesses 5% of all known living species of flora and fauna. Including more than 10% of the world’s butterflies (approximately 90% of the butterfly species found in Central America), 750,000 species of insects and 20,000 various kinds of spiders.

Ideal Destination Any Time of Year
Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the Costa Rican geography includes mountains, plains, valleys, peninsulas, gulfs, bays and beaches, all within a few miles of each other. The tropical climate dominates the area; however, weather conditions will vary depending on the area of the country, thanks to the diverse microclimates which Costa Rica enjoys.

Adventure & Relaxation
The intense, adventurous environment of the Costa Rican territory combines with the peace of its biodiversity, where the green landscapes meet with crystal clear waters, to create the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation.

Something for Everyone
This tiny paradise has over 500,000 plants & animal species, steaming volcanoes, mysterious rainforests, hidden beaches, national parks, wildlife refuges, and all trails lead to waterfalls. Discover your reasons to love Costa Rica!

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