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Particio Zamorano Chile DMC

Patricio Zamorano
Sales Manager

Patricio is a wine lover, so he clearly lives in the right part of the world!!

Karen Lymeburg Chile DMC

Karen Lymeburg
Senior Executive

Karen’s perfect day would include shopping and pampering in a spa, topped off with a delicious dinner.

Chile DMC Destination

Chile – Heaven on Earth

In Chilean legend, it is said that when God finished creating earth, he walked back across the heavens and a little of everything that was left; mountains, deserts, lakes, glaciers, volcanoes and valleys, trickled out through a hole in his pocket, and thus Chile was born.

Thrill Seekers’ Mecca
Geographically, Chile is one of the most extraordinary countries in the world with almost 2500 miles of coastline stretching along the Pacific Ocean. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, or thrill to the sight of a spectacular landscape after a long wilderness trek, then Chile’s the place for you! Ski down Chile’s mountains and volcanoes or enjoy its many water sports –scuba diving, surfing, kayaking and kitesurfing – in the vast Pacific Ocean. Grab your sandboard and hit the dunes or zipline through lush forest canopies.

Sport Fishing in Patagonia
If you are keen on sport fishing, venture deep into the trout-filled Patagonian rivers and lakes where you’ll experience some of the best fly fishing in the world. All this amid breathtaking natural beauty like nowhere else on earth!

A Land of Contrasts
Chile is a land of contrasts. The north features a dry inland desert, as opposed to the subtropical weather along the coastline. The central region stands out for its mild climate and fertile valleys, where vineyards alternate with fruit tree plantations. The large native and pristine forests appear in the south, thriving in the humid and cold weather. In the southernmost region, the mountain range submerges into the ocean and forms innumerable channels and fjords. It is a wild, unexplored and cold territory. The plains shaped by the southern winds in the Chilean Patagonia and Antarctica territory reach to the end of the world.

Moai, Easter Island
Santiago, Chile, DMC
Vineyards in Chile - DMC Destination