Monthly Archives: September 2020

Israel – Lifestyle Individual Incentive Travel – Health and Wellness

Lifestyle Individual Incentive Travel Health and Wellness in Israel Program Overview Israel is well known for its holy places and Mediterranean beaches but very few dare to discover the Negev desert. Located in the south, this area covers 62% of the entire country. The Negev has traces of past civilizations and their agriculture as well […]

Panama – Lifestyle Individual Incentive Travel – Nature’s Paradise at Bocas del Toro

Lifestyle Individual Incentive Travel Caribbean Paradise Program Overview Considered one of Panama’s best Caribbean locations, the Bocas del Toro Archipelago amazes with its pristine coral reefs. It offers memorable snorkeling experiences, a multicultural diversity, and natural beauty surrounded by exotic species of flora and fauna. The Bocas people’s relaxed lifestyle captivates the senses with music, […]

Panama – Lifestyle Individual Incentive Travel – A Living Culture

Lifestyle Individual Incentive Travel A Living Culture Program Overview Despite its impressive skyline, Panama City is a small metropolis where a variety of experiences are available within a 20-minute radius from a hotel in the center of the city. This programs maximizes a visit to Panama with less time spent in transfers and more time […]

Two Questions, Two Minutes – Greece Edition

In this issue of Two Questions, Two Minutes, Colleen has a brief conversation with  Michael Argiri, Managing Director of Conceptours in Greece.  Colleen asks Michael these two questions: What is the current situation in Greece, and how is Conceptours dealing with the pandemic?  What other news or exciting things have happened during this period? Please […]

Two Questions, Two Minutes – Israel Edition

Two Questions, Two Minutes continues our conversation series with Amnon Ben David, COO of Eshet Incentives & Conferences in Israel.  Amnon is asked the following two questions: How is Israel doing with the second wave of Covid-19?  When do you anticipate visitors from the U.S. will be able to come to Israel without having to […]

Two Questions, Two Minutes – India Edition

For this edition of Two Questions, Two Minutes we travel to India and chat with global industry icon Rajeev Kohli, Co-Managing Director of Creative Travel. Creative Travel is Platinum’s DMC partner in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives The two questions Colleen poses to Rajeev are: How will you change the design of your […]