Emeco Travel – Egypt

Elhamy El Zayat – Egypt DMC

Elhamy El Zayat
Chairman & CEO

Passionate about monuments and Egyptian history. Proud to have been creatively using historic venues for four decades to produce unique client events.

Karim El Minabawy – Egypt DMC

Karim El Minabawy

Winner of the 2017 IMEX Academy Award & Kevin Forte Spirit Award 2013 from Site. Adores challenges and innovation

Raef Saad – Emeco Travel DMC

Raef Saad
Director Incentive Dept.

Admires dogs, and loves to have them among the family. Enjoys watching soccer and listening to classic rock.

DMC Destination Egypt, Cairo Pyramids

Unspoiled, Charming and Diverse

For decades, Egypt has been the destination of choice for a growing number of visitors, many of whom return to this exceptionally unique country, year after year, in their desire to seek an unspoiled, charming, and incredibly diverse travel experience. From iconic pyramids and medieval bazaars, to natural beauty and a vibrant contemporary culture, Egypt is a land packed with captivating treasures.

Thrilling Visitors for Centuries
The pyramids at Giza (the sole survivors of the seven ancient wonders), the lotus-columned Temples of Luxor and Karnak, sunrise across the Valley of the Kings, and the sound-and-light show at the mighty tombs of Abu Simbel have thrilled visitors for centuries.

Timeless Experiences
Modern Egypt offers an extensive range of destinations and activities sure to surpass your quest for a dynamic and authentic travel experience: world-class luxury resorts and the underwater wonders of our Red Sea Riviera; the bustling international yachting destination of Marsa Alam and the azure colored, silky-soft beaches of our Mediterranean coast; cruising down the Nile River to the virtual open-air museum city of Luxor or enchanting Aswan. With these options, visitors are guaranteed a timeless experience.

Spectacular Golf Courses
For those looking for a more relaxed travel experience, the rolling greens of golf courses designed by the world’s greatest golfers, set against spectacular settings, are the perfect place for visitors to spend their days. In today’s Egypt life is colorful, exciting and varied.

Unrivaled Hospitality and Warmth
While Egypt is comprised of different cultures and religions, there is one unifying element found in the blood of each Egyptian: an unrivaled sense of hospitality and warmth towards each other and foreigners. The famous Greek historian Herodotus once referred to Egypt as the ”gift of the Nile” -a fact that any visitor to this grand country will surely attest to.

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