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Managing Partner

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Eslam Badawi
Managing Partner

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A Unique Landscape
The Sultanate of Oman – described as the hidden gem of the Arabian Peninsula- offers an inspiring diversity of exceptional natural and manmade experiences.

The sandy beaches extend as far as the eye can see, often modulating into shimmering golden sand dunes surrounding refreshing oases that are a welcome surprise to the wandering traveler. For lovers of high terrain, they will surely be captivated by the mountainous regions that conceal countless wadis (valleys) and lagoons that constitute a single and independent ecosystem by themselves.

Wealth of Wildlife
The stark beauty and wide range of contrasting landscapes that characterize the country create habitats for a wealth of wildlife. Among the variety of fauna and flora, there are millions of migrant wading birds passing through year after year; entire marine ecosystems unique to science; mountain, desert, and shoreline plants of stunning diversity; coral reefs that punctuate the sea with vibrant colors; innumerable endemic fish; whales and dolphins from coast to coast and turtles that nest in numbers matched by no other country on the planet.

History and Culture
Oman is a destination for cultural tourism, where you will find hundreds of castles, forts, and museums dating back to various historic periods.

Venues Galore
When it comes to venues, Oman has many options. Almost every hotel has at least one venue, varying in size, but each hotel has something special in its architecture or the theme on which it was built creatin unique and different experiences. In addition, Oman boasts the new Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, which is an iconic landmark for the destination. Located in its own precinct, this world-class facility is perfectly suited to host international, regional, and national conventions, exhibitions, and business events. Amongst its features are a tiered auditorium seating 3,200 people and more than 22,000 square meters of exhibition space..