Green Inspirations DMC – Kenya

Gadi Mbuya
CEO & Managing Director, CIS

Gadi is a visionary who believes that business develops through customer satisfaction, education and technology. He spares no efforts or means to establish Green Inspirations as the premier DMC in East Africa.

Hilda Temu
MICE Manager


Hilda is passionate about delivering quality services in everything she does. She feels professionally fulfilled when organizing incentive programs that exceed her customers expectations.

Tasso Pappas
Director of Business Development, CIS & CITE

Performance Improvement is Tasso’s domain. He is internationally recognised as one of the pioneers of Destination Management. Tasso is a past-President of SITE Global and a Certified Incentive Travel Executive (CITE) and Certified Incentive Specialist (CIS)


Kenya is a founding member of the East African Community (EAC). Its capital and largest city is Nairobi. Kenya covers 581,309 km2 (224,445 sq mi), and has a population of approximately 48 million people. The capital, Nairobi, is a regional commercial hub. The economy of Kenya is the largest by GDP in East and Central Africa. Agriculture is a major employer; the country traditionally exports tea and coffee and has more recently begun to export fresh flowers to Europe. The service industry is also a major economic driver.

From October 1952 to December 1959, Kenya was in a state of emergency arising from the Mau Mau rebellion against British rule. The Colony of Kenya and the Protectorate of Kenya each came to an end on December 12, 1963 with independence being conferred on all of Kenya. Exactly 12 months later on December 12, 1964, Kenya became a republic under the name “Republic of Kenya”

Best Time to Visit Kenya

Kenya’s climate varies from tropical along the coast to temperate inland to arid in the north and northeast parts of the country. The area receives a great deal of sunshine every month, and summer clothes are worn throughout the year. It is usually cool at night and early in the morning inland at higher elevations. The “long rains” season occurs from March/April to May/June. The “short rains” season occurs from October to November/December. The rainfall is sometimes heavy and often falls in the afternoons and evenings. The temperature remains high throughout these months of tropical rain. The hottest period is February and March, leading into the season of the long rains, and the coldest is in July, until mid-August.


The wild roars and nature comes alive in Kenya! Kenya’s protected areas are home to different variety of flora and fauna species. Each wilderness area is specially branded because it has something unique to offer. From the ‘World’s only Wildlife Capital’ of Nairobi, ‘Bird Watchers Paradise’ of Lake Nakuru to the ‘Kilimanjaro’s Royal Court’ of Amboseli, Kenya’s wilderness areas are the face of the wild Africa. This is why Kenya is the home of the safari!


The diversity of game in Kenya is simply astounding. From the big five to the small five, it offers you the best safari adventures. Water sports in Kenya’s wild rivers, lakes and the expansive Indian Ocean offer you the perfect opportunity for both motorized and non-motorized water sports. If you are you looking for the opportunity to challenge yourself to the top of Mount Kenya or hike, paraglide on the Kerio Valley, bike through the escapades of Mount Longo, or beach holidays or play, look no further it is all here.

Some of the best known films that have made East Africa famous for its fantastic natural landscapes and people are:

Out of Africa (1985), Gorillas in the Mist (1988), The African Queen (1952), Hatari! (1962), White Hunter Black Heart (1990), Road to Zanzibar (1941), Born Free (1966), To Walk With Lions (2000), and Safari (2013).