Update on the Australia Fires

An update from Heather Coplestone, Managing Director of Destination Pacific, our Platinum DMC Collection partner in Australia:

“So much tragedy has beset communities in many parts of Australia and our sympathy goes out to all those directly impacted by the monstrous fires that have wreaked havoc and destruction over the last few months. The true heroes are those who have placed themselves in harms way to try to protect lives and property and our numerous unique wildlife. Often they have been thwarted in their attempts by the enormity of the flames.

Australia is now recovering physically and emotionally from this event. My gratitude to you for standing with us during this time and you can be assured we will continue to, as always, operate the best programs in Sydney and throughout Australia. Our country is still beautiful, our animals are still able to be seen and the “Aussie Spirit” is still alive and well. If you’d like to lend a hand, please know that your clients are welcome to visit and help in the recovery of people and business.

We sincerely thank all those individuals and corporations who have donated to our Australian charities.”

Much more information on the situation in Australia can be found here.