What’s New in Panama?

What’s New in Panama?

IMAX Theater at the Panama Canal
The IMAX Theater at the Panama Canal has opened near the Miraflores Locks Visitor Center. The first IMAX 3D theater in Panama, it has a capacity of 525 guests and will have the second-largest screen in the world, measuring 50 x 55 feet. The famous actor, Morgan Freeman, narrated the first documentary about the Panama Canal in IMAX 3D format called A Land Divided – A World United, produced by renowned film producer Gordon Bijelonic.

The JW Marriott Panama on the Shores of Punta Pacifica
The former Trump Hotel is now the JW Marriott Panama. Situated along the shores of Punta Pacifica, this luxury property is an iconic hotel and the tallest building in Central America. Indulge in the comfort of one of its 369 spacious deluxe rooms adorned with lavish bathtubs and opulent decor inspired by its coastline. This hotel features 16,845 sq. ft. of indoor meeting space, four restaurants and lounges, a full-service spa, fitness center, and an infinity pool.

Adventurous Rainforest Tree Trek
Embark on a canopy tour in the middle of Panama’s rainforest. This Rainforest Tree Trek offers a wide variety of activities and attractions to delight ecologically spirited explorers and guarantees exciting experiences surrounded by a spectacular view. The Tree Trek is a stimulating adventure that takes guests up to the treetops through a series of cables, while absorbing the wonders of nature from an incredible (and completely safe) point of view. Guests will glide over the treetops of the tropical forest and admire an incredible collection of natural landscapes that line the Panama Canal and Soberania National Park. Enjoy a different view of these wonders for nearly a mile of track divided into ten cables and 13 platforms.

Taboga Beach Experience
Accento Incentives can arrange a Taboga beach experience for you. Taboga is one and a half hours sailing time through the Panama Canal Anchorage with spectacular views of the skyscrapers, Cinta Costera, Causeway, America’s Bridge, and the ships waiting to cross the Panama Canal. Taboga is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Panama that is also known as “The Island of The Flowers.” Guests will then be shuttled in local “Pangas” to the main island beach where guides will take you on a short walking tour. Hear about the fascinating history of the island during pirate times (who used it as their base of operations during World War II) and learn about the island ecosystem. This tour also includes a visit to the second oldest church in Latin America, San Pedro church, constructed in 1524.

Did You Know?

Panama was rated #1 by Condé Nast Traveller as the Best Holiday Destination for 2020:
“From coffee farms and cloud forests to ruined Spanish forts and footprint-free islands, Panama has the goods, just not the visitor numbers. But that looks set to change with the opening of the much-buzzed-about Islas Secas eco-retreat in December 2019, giving access to 14 rugged little islands in the Gulf of Chiriqui on Panama’s sun-drenched Pacific coast”.

Panama has experienced the largest growth of Latin American countries in the last 25 years.

Old Panama City turned 500 years old in 2019 having been founded on August 15, 1519. Panama City was the first city founded by the Spaniards on the Pacific side. Today its ruins are a historical monument where Accento Incentives can organize a spectacular welcome or closing event for your clients.

It is possible to scuba dive in two oceans on the same day in Panama.

Travelers can visit any city in Latin America with a free stop-over in Panama with Copa Airlines. And there is non-stop service to Panama from over 18 North American gateway cities. As an added special service, Accento Incentives representatives can meet & greet your VIPs right outside their plane’s gate.