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The former Grand Hyatt Hotel in Santiago de Chile will reopen January 2019 after an extensive renovation, joining the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group as Mandarin Oriental, Santiago – the first property of the Group in South America. The hotel features 310 rooms, including 23 suites with stunning views of the city and the Andes, a large outdoor pool and spectacular gardens.

Located in Patio Bellavista, the Hip Hotel Santiago stands out as one of the most exclusive and cosmopolitan boutique hotels in Santiago. The Hip combines the best of the most exclusive luxury hotels with careful details in its one-of-a-kind rooms; each designed with a different colored theme. Experience the award-winning Red Luxury Bar, named as the Best Bar in Chile by La Cav Magazine, and Terraza S33w70, a unique mix of hippie and modern organic haute cuisine complete with contemporary cocktail bar.

“OWNING THE STREETS” VALPARAISO – a new tour experience! A half-day tour in the major seaport town of Valparaiso has been created for visitors to learn about its famous street art in an unconventional way – by getting their hands dirty. This unique tour is led by a graffiti artist who invites participants to paint their own creations on the walls of the city along the streets of Cerro Alegre or Cerro Cárcel, located on two of the most iconic hills of Valparaiso.

José Victorino Lastarria Street (named after a 19th-century writer, diplomat and politician) is just four blocks long, but this trendy and densely packed corridor is overflowing with shops, restaurants, museums and cultural centers. Start at the Gabriela Mistral Centre, and check out the free-admission art galleries on the basement level. Then stroll past the restaurant-filled Paseo Barrio Lastarria and historic Parroquia de la Vera Cruz Church towards the street-side craft vendors near the intersection with Merced. Finally, catch a French film at Cine Arte El Biógrafo or see the latest exhibitions at the Museum of Visual Arts .

On June 21st, the small town of Putre in the extreme north of Chile, still celebrates Machaq Mara. This traditional festival, fueled by an age-old world vision of deep respect for nature by indigenous pre-Columbian tribes like the Aymara and Atacameño, beckons visitors to experience the winter solstice with Andean music, dances, and prayers to Tata Inti (Sun) for light and heat for our Pachamama (Earth).

Did You Know?

Chile is the fourth largest exporter of wine in the world after Spain, Italy and France and the first in Latin America. Fertile valleys nestled between the mountains and the ocean create the perfect soil for some of the best wines in the world. Experience new flavors, aromas and colors with a tasting glass in hand as you enjoy the sights and sounds of our famous vineyards – a deep rooted element in Chile’s culture and identity. For a truly unique experience, visit Chile between March and April when the grape harvest festivals take place throughout the country.

Don’t miss these experiences as you travel through Chile!

  • Visit the absolute end of the Earth: Take a boat tour to the Cape Horn National Park and the southernmost piece of land in the world, with nothing but Antarctica somewhere in the distance.
  • Absorb the mysteries of Easter Island: Standing on this rock, in the middle of nowhere, try to imagine how these statues of 14 – 20 tons were constructed without any form of known technology or modern tools.
  • Trek through lush Patagonia: The most dense beauty is located within the Torres del Paine National Park. A day or two is not enough to absorb all the breathtaking scenery!
  • Kayak under swirling marble: Lago Gral Carrera, the biggest lake in Chile, is also home to one of the most gorgeous displays of naturally occurring colors. The Marble Caves, also known as the Marble Cathedral, is a network of smooth, natural marble caves that you can explore on a kayak.
  • View Santiago from South America’s tallest building: The capital of Chile is home to the largest manmade structure on the continent. The Grand Tower Santiago dwarfs everything around it with a toppling height of 984 feet.
  • See the world’s oldest mummies: Surprisingly, the oldest mummified human remains can be found in the north of Chile. The museum of archaeology, in the small town of San Miguel de Azapa, contains the human remains of the Chinchorro people that used to occupy this area, dating back to around 5000 BC; 2000 years older than those of Egypt.
  • Climb the world’s tallest volcano: In northern Chile near the border of Argentina, you will find Ojos del Salado, the world’s tallest volcano and home to the highest altitude lake in the world.

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Recipe from Chile –
Calzones Rotos 

Recipe from Chile Calzones Rotos

Calzones Rotos (torn knickers) is a traditional Chilean sweet treat. It is very easy to prepare, and the result is delicious!