What’s New in China?

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What’s New in China?

Rocco Forte Hotel Opens in Shanghai
Shanghai now adds Rocco Forte Hotel to its luxury repertoire, signifying the group’s first move into the Asia Pacific market. Rocco Forte Hotels are partnering with Longhua International to be part of the Longhua International Aviation Service Centre, a new urban complex in Shanghai’s Xuhui Riverside area known as West Bund. Rocco Forte Hotels will be the exclusive luxury international hotel provider to the project.

Beijing Fun – Newest Shopping Development
Beijing Fun is a new development located within walking distance from Tiananmen Square. It is the second shopping and entertainment center in Beijing besides the world famous “San Li Tun” Bar area. Beijing Fun is a complex that combines the centuries old traditional Chinese brands with modern shopping and dining trends.

Beijing Daxing International Airport Expected to Open September 2019
At a cost of $11.6 billion, the Beijing Daxing International Airport construction project is expected to improve international communication and boost the local economy.

Beijing Daxing International Airport will incorporate energy saving green concepts, such as the use of natural light, clean energy vehicles, and heating and cooling systems powered by geothermal heat pumps located at the Yongding River basin. The airport features a solar farm with photovoltaic cells mounted atop the car park building, hangars and cargo areas. A 100% rainwater collection facility will cater to its energy and resource needs.

The new airport will also feature the latest technology such as a passenger and baggage self-check-in areas. The departure lounges open onto five courtyards designed in ancient Chinese-style featuring silk, tea, porcelain and Chinese gardens.

The 2022 Winter Olympics are Coming to Beijing in 2022
The XXIV Olympic Winter Games, commonly known as Beijing 2022, will take place in Beijing and towns in the neighboring Hebei province from February 4-20, 2022. Having previously hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing will become the first city ever to host both the Summer and the Winter Olympic Games. It will also become the largest city ever to host the Winter Olympics, a distinction currently held by Vancouver which hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Did You Know?

The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes, formally established during the Han Dynasty of China, which linked the regions of the ancient world in commerce from 130 BCE, when the Han officially opened trade with the west, to 1453 CE, when the Ottoman Empire boycotted trade with the west and closed the routes. The European explorer Marco Polo (1254-1324 CE) traveled on these routes and described them in depth in his famous work but he is not credited with naming them. The name for this network of roads was coined by the German geographer and traveler, Ferdinand von Richthofen, in 1877 CE, who designated them “Seidenstrasse” (silk road) or “Seidenstrassen” (silk routes).

Several areas and cities of China allow travelers from the U.S. to stay in certain cities to experience the local culture for up to 144 hours (6 days) without applying for a Chinese travel visa.

In 2020, Delta plans to launch direct flights between Shanghai and Minneapolis, becoming the first direct flight that connects China and Minneapolis.

Motivate China offers complimentary site inspection services for qualified incentive programs.

China has the world’s largest network of high-speed railways, called the CRH trains (similar to French TGV or Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains). If your route and budget allow, then these may be the best way to get around.