Katrin Suchi
Director of Sales & Marketing

Katrin, a Berlin native, enjoys living in such a vibrant city offering so much history, as well as an impressive number of activities AND numerous green and quiet places.

Inge Hanser

As a true Hamburger and enthusiastic hobby chef, Inge gives the best restaurant advice and destination tips in Northern Germany. Inge always keeps cool and finds the most creative solutions.



Let us take you on a trip to Germany

From medieval towns to fairytale castles
Germany is known for its historic cities full of magnificent architecture and winding alleyways. Whether it is the UNESCO World Heritage Old Towns of Luebeck in th north, Bamberg in central Germany or Meersburg on Lake Constance, there are many historic cities worth discovering and exploring. Scattered throughout Germany are century old castles and palaces, built by Germany’s former kings and princes as an expression of power and aspiration to influence. The most popular castle complex in Germany, Neuschwanstein, is an absolute must see!

Famous museums, exhibitions and stages
From museums to theaters, operas and galleries, the variety of cultural offerings in Germany is immense. When Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie was created in 2016, it not only functioned as a new concert hall, but also a new cultural monument. The Humboldt Forum in Berlin, most recently opened on the site of the former City Palace, offers interesting events, as well as changing exhibitions.

To German traditions and culinary specialties
Whether is Carnival in Cologne, the Oktoberfest in Munich or the traditional Christmas markets – Germany is known for its festivals and customs and the dishes and drinks that go with them: sauerkraut, bratwurst, asparagus, spaetzle, gingerbread, thousands of different types of bread, a good Riesling, a “Helles” from Munich or a “Koelsch” from Cologne. Surely you’ve heard of them, but have you tried them all?

To activities only available in Germany
A different king of sightseeing tour is offered by Trabbi Safari. Get to know the cult car of the former East Germany and experience Berlin in a way that only the locals know it.

Live experiences
Newly build “car temples” have been built by Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and Audi. These are available to tour and learn about the history of the car and exclusive insights into the production and manufacturing process – and the possibility of test driving the cars yourself!

Experience wooden art in the Ore Mountains! Nutcrackers, light angels and incense burners on display and with the opportunity to create your own personal souvenir and enjoy the unique landscape.

German porcelain is world famous. Why not experience Meissen near Dresden and KPM (Royal Porcelain Factory) Berlin for yourself and participate in an exclusive workshop?

Roughly 100 km southeast of Berlin you will find Central Europe’s most unique bioshpere – the Spreewald. This beautiful water labyrinth is best explored on a boat trip.

CPO HANSER SERVICE is happy to support you in any destination you wish to explore in Germany!