DDP Incentive Management – Italy

Dario De Paolis, Italy DMC

Dario De Paolis

Dario is addicted to cars and high-tech toys.

Francesca Alberghini, Italy DMC

Francesca Alberghini

A sparkling Neapolitan Lady, Francesca enjoys trips to the sea and the opera.

Melanie Colitti, Italy DMC

Melanie Colitti
Project Manager

She can cut a bunch of cherry tomatoes in four perfect pieces each.

Raffaella Buccigrossi, Italy DMC

Raffaella Buccigrossi
Project Manager

Her ever-changing hairstyles are proof of her creativity.

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Welcome to Dreamland

Italy, “Mother of the Arts”, is a medley of nature, arts, history, fashion, food and culture, built up over the centuries – an incomparable destination that can turn your travel dreams into reality!

Rome – The Eternal City
Thrill to the excitement and beauty of the “Eternal City” one of the most ancient cities in Europe founded over 2,700 years ago!

Florence – The Cradle of Renaissance
The magic of Florence is yours to discover as this enchanting city beckons you to explore its breathtaking treasures!

Venice – The Jewel of the Adriatic
As God made the Garden of Eden, the Venetians made Venice, “Queen of the Sea”. One of the few cities in the world that can truly be described as unique, its magical setting of islands and bridges evokes fascination and intrigue.

More to Explore
Equally intriguing are the areas of Milan and Lake Como, Verona and Naples, and Sorrento, Capri and Sicily….so many exciting options to explore.

David (Michelangelo) sculpture, Florence, Italy
Bruschetta, Italy food
Italy wine cellar travel destination
Positano, Italy – Business Destination, Events