Gastaldi Global DMC – Italy

Michele Cerruti

A true gentleman, Michele has a knack for numbers and loves to travel and discover new places in the outdoors.

Margherita Cerruti
Managing Director

Tireless mom with a suitcase always ready. She can’t ever sit still…..not even when she’s at home!


Colosseum in Rome, Italy

“the Creator made Italy from designs by Michelangelo”

Mark Twain

ITALIA doesn’t need a presentation………Italy is Italy!

ROME – the eternal city, a leap into the great Italian past

FLORENCE – the unique city is a marble shrine to the Renaissance

MILAN – the luxury fashion capital of the world

VENICE – the fluctuating beauty of a romantic dream

TUSCANY – a storybook landscape, medieval hill towns, unrivaled art and fabled wines

ALPS & DOLOMITES – UNESCO’s cathedral of silence

BOLOGNA AND EMILIA ROMAGNA – That’s life! Genuine people, food delights, roaring motors, Opera!

SICILY AND SARDINIA – a vibrant blend of Mediterranean harmonies

AMALFI COAST – the greatest little joys of life under an arch of flamboyant azure

Italy wine country