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Levent Gursoy
Senior Project Manager

This smiling man, known as the MacGyver of the new era, can fix everything that breaks in the office (including software applications) while handling any kind of incentive at the same time.

Umut Pak
Senior Project Manager

Umut has been in the travel industry since 2002 and his passion for his work hasn’t waned. He both encourages solution-driven operations thinking and fills the office with his cheerful personality.

Evren Ertan
Senior Project Manager

Detail oriented – that’s how to describe Evren! With a passion for analyzing every detail, Evren is the person who will find the perfect solution for each proposal.

Lifestyle Individual Incentive Travel in Türkiye

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Whirling Derwishes, Maidens Tower

Istanbul – The City that Never Sleeps

Istanbul melds Europe and Asia in a breathtaking atmosphere that provides continual joy to its visitors. The important location of this city has caused it to be desired and occupied by many world leaders throughout history. Because of this, Istanbul is a blend of various heritages, languages, cultures and religions.

Exploring Istanbul
The Bosphorus (the narrow, natural strait that separates Asian Türkiye from European Türkiye) tour gives visitors an opportunity to see Istanbul by sea. The proof of cosmopolitan lifestyle is tasting local food in Balat or Taksim while luxury shopping areas will draw you to Nişantaşı or Bağdat Street.

Ephesus – A UNESCO World Heritage Site
The ancient city of Ephesus, located nearby the downtown of İzmir, is important for its pilgrimage of Christianity and because it is one of the most significant centers of ancient times, dating to the prehistoric ages. Several civilizations have continuously lived in this area for 9,000 years. Start your journey at Arcadian Street, home of historical emperors. The Celsus Library, in all its glory, is known to have one of the largest collections of material from the earliest periods. In the House of the Virgin Mary, refresh your soul with the scent of thyme in one of the first seven churches established worldwide.

Cappadocia – Land of Beautiful Horses
Cappadocia, the splendid area located in Central Anatolia is also known as The Land of Horses. Cappadocia owes its unique beauty to lava from the extinct volcanoes. The village of Göreme is centered in the middle of an internationally popular region that is best known for its natural rock formations, often called “fairy chimneys”. The town not only has rock houses, but also rock restaurants and rock hotels.

A Fairy Tale Visit
The spectacular landscape in Goreme welcomes you at first glance. A secret gorge and an amazing monastery await discovery. Take a hot air balloon tour at first light. Enjoy wine tasting, horseback riding and more!

Istanbul, Turkey, DMC
Gala Dinner in Ephesus Ancient City, Turkey DMC
Gala Dinner at Cappadocia, Turkey
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey