Conventus SA

Rudy Alofs
Chairman & CEO

His passions are motorsports, discovering Switzerland on his motorbike, traveling around the world and interacting with people. His nickname is “McGyver” as he always finds solutions to fix things.

Marisa Forcella
Vice President

During her free time, Marisa loves to practice sports with her husband and son such as skiing, hiking and sailing, to cook for her family and friends, and to travel and discover new cultures.

Reliability, political stability, authenticity, and a true nature to discover, from palm trees to glaciers…. this is Switzerland.

Experiencing Switzerland or “Swissness”, can be summarized in words such as, secure, stable, democratic, on-time, clean, beautiful, multicultural, mountain peaks, lakes, palm trees, hospitality, friendliness, trains, steamers, cable-cars, funiculars, glaciers, castles, palaces, cows, gastronomy, wine, cheese, chocolate, finance, watches, Swiss-Franc, Olympics, skiing, jazz, William Tell, Heidi, Alphorns etc. All of the above in just one country with three cultures called Switzerland! The Conventus Team would be thrilled to share their experience of Swissness with you!