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Andrew Hulewicz, Mazurkas

Andrew Hulewicz
Vice President

Andrew is passionate about traveling, skiing and good Bombardino, a popular après ski cocktail!

Marta Kicler – Mazurkas DMC

Marta Kicler

Marta is in love with the city of Istanbul and gourmet Turkish tea.

Krakow, Poland -The Main Market Square

A Country of Contrasts

Poland is a country where West meets East, and South meets North. Experience the fast-paced corporate living of major cities of the west along with traditional hospitality and openness so typical of the East. Kracow has the idyllic, artistic atmosphere of an Italian city, while Gdansk presents northern, Hanseatic splendor and charm. In Warsaw you will find New York-style skyscrapers along with fine architectural examples of Russian Orthodox Churches.

Poland’s Evolution

Poland has been conquered at least 17 times throughout its history. What makes it so special? Come and see for yourself. Experience the exciting changes in the social, economic and political life of Poland. Meet people who are up for any challenge. Get a feeling for a country that joined the European Union with hopes for peace, prosperity and a better tomorrow.

Extensive Cultural Heritage

Poland has a lot to offer. Throughout its over 1,000-year history it has produced outstanding architectural monuments, art, traditions and folklore. Poland’s cultural heritage is impressive and yet to be discovered. Visit the homeland of Copernicus, Chopin, Madame Curie, Pope John Paul II and Lech Walesa. In the 21st century there are more reasons than ever to bring your incentive or corporate event to Poland – the very heart of Europe.

Tradition and Creativity Combined

Poland is a destination that combines tradition with creativity. If you want to be surprised and beguiled come and experience greater Poland and its major beautiful cities: Warsaw – City with an Attitude; Krakow – City of Kings; Gdansk – Fascinating City of Amber; Wroclaw -The Pearl of Lower Silesia.

Warsaw - The Old Town
Warsaw - Opera Night at National Theatre Opera House
Polish Foklore performance
Krakow - Theme Cocktail Reception at Sukiennice Cloth Hall