ITBholland – Belgium

Francis, Belgium DMC Staff Member

Francis van Teefelen
Project Manager

Lives by the motto: “The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.”

Jeanine DMC Belgium Staff

Jeanine Kling
Project Manager

She loves to travel, discover as many places as possible, experience foreign cultures and enjoy all the different types of nature the world has to offer.

Rianne, ITBholland

Rianne Bouwer
Project Manager

Rianne loves to travel to discover hidden gems, has a passion for food and will always have a soft spot for musical theatre.

Tour of Brussels in Belgium, DMC

Discover the Treasures of Belgium

Discover the treasures of Belgium. Visit the big cities, Antwerp and Brussels or travel to the medieval towns Bruges and Ghent. Become acquainted with the Belgium architecture and culture and admire the works of talented artists like Rubens and Van Dyck. Enjoy a cruise through the canals of Bruges or Ghent or sightsee from a horse-drawn carriage.

Culinary Delights
More interested in the culinary side of Belgium? Visit a brewery or chocolate factory to taste a typical Belgian beer or luscious chocolate. Sample their famous Belgium waffles. Stop in a synagogue, kosher bakery, the many restaurants or diamond stores. Such specialty experiences are the primary domain of ITBholland.

Brussels Chocolate store visit
Stones and Mysteries in Wallonia, Belgium
WWII Battlefields, Belgium
Visit Bruges, Simon, Stevinplein DMC