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Dag Kastensson - DMC

Dag Kastensson
President and CEO

Dag loves trekking in the beautiful wilderness of the north of Sweden and Norway with his lovely daughters. They carry all they need for a week on their backs and enjoy every minute!

Denmark – Country of Beaches, Cycling and Culture

Denmark has beautiful wide-open beaches that stretch for miles, the world famous “smorrebrod” open-faced sandwiches and a stress-free life style. The capital city of Copenhagen can add bicycling to this list, in addition to amazing venues like the Tivoli gardens and the Nyhavn quay, and great dining and night life!

Copenhagen – One of the Most Livable Cities in the World
Copenhagen is celebrated for its high quality of life, focusing on open spaces and sustainability – just one reason this “green” city has several times been voted as the most livable city in the world. Another is that the Danes have been rated as the happiest people in the world. Copenhagen is indeed a feel-good city.

Amazing Beaches
You will find expansive white, sand beaches in the very north. Along the west coast the beaches are over 500 km wide in some areas. Even on a winter’s day the landscape is mind blowing.

Attractions Galore
Take your guests to the Tivoli amusement park, founded in 1843 but still one of the hottest and most fun places in Copenhagen. Or travel inland a bit to Legoland, the home of perhaps the most famous small building blocks in the world and challenge your creativity in a world-class environment. Explore cultural sites like Viking villages, royal castles and manors in lush green landscapes.

A Sporting City
Denmark is perfect for activities like biking, hiking, kayaking and water sports. In Copenhagen, everyone rides a bicycle, even the royal family when taking their children to school in the morning. There are hundreds of miles of cycling lanes and historic hiking trails across the nation.

Superb Dining
You will have a great dining experience everywhere from market stalls to world-class restaurants in Denmark – Scandinavia’s gourmet food powerhouse with a total of 31 Michelin Stars and 26 star-studded restaurants to choose from.