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Dag Kastensson - DMC

Dag Kastensson
President and CEO

Dag loves trekking in the beautiful wilderness of the north of Sweden and Norway with his lovely daughters. They carry all they need for a week on their backs and enjoy every minute!

Norway DMC Spotlight
Coast life, Harstad – Photo courtesy of lgf/Foap/

Norway – Where Stunning Fjords are Everyday Sights

Norway is perhaps most famous for its spectacular scenery. Pictures of the fjords and the mountain sites of Preikestolen and Trolltunga may be the most common images of this beautiful country. The amazing thing is that that you can visit all of these places and see them for yourself.

Stunning Landscapes
Be like a Norwegian and take a hiking trip to the mountains in the summer or to see the Aurora Borealis, (the Northern Lights), in the winter. Or relax on a luxurious ship cruising the fjords, where the amazing sights come to you. The scenery is stunning, with deep blue fjords, flowing waterfalls and sharp snow-capped mountains that tower high above the water. Formed during the ice age, this scenery has changed very little since the land was first inhabited and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Fjord Communities
Along the sides of each fjord you’ll find small communities, each with its own specialty that reflects its local traditions and its agricultural potential. The microclimate is ideal for growing fruits.

Natural Attractions
Nature is the focus in this beautiful country and the range of group activities reflects it. Try skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, cycling, zip lining, and hiking all year long.

Visit Oslo
The capital, Oslo, is quickly developing its exciting architecture, great restaurants and hotels. Enjoy summer evening dinner in the city center along the Aker Brygge wharf while people watching and viewing the boats heading out for the islands.

Europe’s Green Capital for 2019
Norway has been rated as one of the top countries to live in for many years. Thanks to a committed effort to preserve the green spaces of the city and reduce emissions, Oslo has been named Europe’s green capital for 2019.

Norway northern lights destination
Northern lights in Femundsmarka – Photo courtesy of Thomas Rasmus Skaug /
Norway chef event for business
Hurtigruten – Photo courtesy of C.H/
Norway DMC
Name: Preikestolen in Stavanger (Pulpit Rock) Photo courtesy of Casper Tybjerg -
DMC Bergen Norway
Bryggen – Photo courtesy of Martin Håndlykken /